(First of all, i'm not a native english speaker)

"Deep Divers" are forbidden beings native from "Queimada Grande Island".
One day, walking with my dad on the beach, i see one of these. This moment awaken my curiosity about these race. After this moment, in a period of 3 days, i search for then in the beach with a DV camera on my hand. These photos are the result.

"Queimada Grande" is famous for being the most dangerous island in the world, know for the snakes that live there."Queimada Grande" its just a name that local post-colonized people give to it, i really dont know the real name, but the few studies we have says the "Deep Divers" is a evolution of the relationship of Humans with the local snakes of "Queimada Grande".
"Deep Divers" it's the name given by the locals of Mongaguá and Itanhaém cities, because they are often seen by fisherman, swimming and diving near "Queimada Grande" waters. We dont know how they call themselves.

The "Deep Divers" is humanoid, but very different from the human being. Their arms and legs it's longer than humans. Their skins has squamas, like snakes. Their culture is very hard to study, because of the few remaining beings of the species and lack of written registry.

Sometimes they are seeing on the beach's of Mongaguá and Itanhanhém, like these one that i take the photos. We don't know why they came to the continent. The dominant ideia, is they came for doing their rituals, as they can be seeing relating to others identities not reverend by humans.

The legends and theories are many. All i know is that i am totally obssed with them.

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