Gabriel Böing, also known as "KÖI", is a artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He has been interested in visual creation since a young age and has been exposed to computers and internet culture throughout his life. Self-knowledge, which he gained through his creative process, has helped him to tell dream stories in a variety of forms, including generative textures, video, 3D compositions, experimental cinema, live visuals, and others.

He believes that artists act as filters, interpreting their surroundings in both a macro and micro sense. KÖI is surrounded by like-minded individuals who share his belief that the creative state is a haven in the midst of chaos. For him, the most important experiences are the ones that happen in front of our eyes, both in waking life and in dreams.
His work has been exhibited in various cities, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Lisbon, Montreal, and Bogotá. He has also collaborated with well-known brands and artists.
 SELECTED Exhibitions​​​​​​​
RefractionDAO x Proof Of People
New York, NY
To Spawn a Door In the Land of Broken Mirrors
New Art City - Online
Mock Jungle - Bologna, Italy

RBMA 2017
Red Bull Station 
Sao Paulo Brazil.
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