Atmospheres is an series about dreams.
Every episode come from notes of the dream diary of the author.
Each episode have a unique concept,  that is interconnected in a narrative and aesthetic way
Some says that the Human Race is the fifth race to walk the "Path", having contact with the "Intelligence". They Say they had four other races before us, with their societies, cultures and values. I Believe that we are heading for a "Sixth Wave", and this wave is in development. This piece, entitled Sixth Wave, is a tribute to this idea.

atmospheres (001/006)
"I found out that when i visit other people's dreams, i assume a body with a crystallized skin"

 1080 x 1350 / 2021 / C4D & After Effects / GABRIEL KOI

atmospheres (002/006)
"After we land, we started to study the topography and life forms of the planet.
The travel time was worth it."

Sound by Mafius

Atmospheres (003/006)

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