The Clockwork Room is a legendary space on an unknown location, beyond the human space-time perception. Inside the local, its storaged the purest form of each possible stage of time that affects the terrestrial world. On this artwork, we go inside the clockwork room,  knowing the original forms of the time-triad.
With a good portfolio of memories stored on this stage, these experiences will better prepare us for the next stage. With a clean and digested conscience in this past, the decisions of the "now" will be more careful.


Present. The only effective means of action, where everything is tested under pressure, or, calmness, our best chance. Open to all attitudes, let us be wise in these decisions. A stage where there is only - now-.
Uncertainty commands this stage, however, it always arrives and soon it will always  - "be" - it will always happens. Keeping this stage in mind, the calm mind can feel refreshed for new "now's" to come.


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