12 unique weapons, among swords, axes, halberds and daggers, each with its backstory and function. ​​​​​​​
Soul Sword
A medium-sized sword. The soul of the holder of this weapon is closely linked with the sword. The ancient scriptures on its blade activates a power that is awakened from the vibration of the wielder soul. Only those who reach a specific vibration can carry the sword and use the power of the scriptures.
General's Blade
A legendary weapon, famous for having been used by a great general in many successful campaigns. To wield it, extreme strength is needed. Legend says that just seeing the weapon in battle, the morale of all soldiers increased. A very large weapon, with an extraordinary range that in one swing , defeated many enemies. In addition to have been forged with the ore of a historic mountain, an eye of an unknown creature was inserted on it , it is even said that the weapon was alive.
The Emerald Dagger. Fruit of the technology of a scientifically advanced civilization. A small dagger, being very effective for quick attacks. Made from the special emerald stone of the planet of that civilization, and combined with digital and analog construction, representing very well the edge of the scientifc (and spiritual) state of that society. Concepts, transmission signals and information is the same of a physical attack from a sword for these people, and this dagger is born from this idea.
Critical Scythe
A scythe forged with fine details, which contrasts ironiclaly with the intensity of damage it can cause. in the hands of a good user, it can be critical in a battle, making your opponents be defeated in one hit.
Million-Eyed Sword
The Million-Eyed Sowrd, a sword with unmatched speed and reflexes. Eyes of various agile creatures were inserted during the process of this creation, thus, its field of vision is fully filled, making a sword unique in terms of dexterity. These eyes are powered by the sword's core system, making it a half weapon and half life sword.
The big idea behind this axe is the pursuit of destruction. An item that only seeks destruction wherever it goes, affecting the sanity of whoever uses this weapon, and can become uncontrollable, but with a unparalleled destructive power.
Ocean Sword
It is unknown by who this sword was forged, as it was found by a group of fisherman, coming in the net during fishing. A sword blessed by the seas, it is event said to be the creation of an ancient underwater society.
Star Sword
When they saw those meteor fragments fall on the plantation, they immediately went to check what it was all about. Inside a stone from the Cosmos was this sword. Its strenght is directly linked with the Cosmos.
Royal Axe
This ax was passed down from generation to generation by the royalty of that country, always in the hands of its supreme leader. It is an old weapon, and its maintenance is always very careful. It is a majestic weapon, as is the story it carries.
Great Slayer
A Great sword of a lone adventurer, serving as a companion in moments when feel was alone. This weapon is directly connected with its user, even sharing emotions. No matter how loney it is, this weapon will always be next to the one who carries it.
The Sword of Love. One of the first known swords, it is famous for having been the main weapon of the creation myth of that people. It represents love as one of the only emotions that existed in the beginning, other being derived from it. It is respected by all civilizations, being of equal value to all peoples.

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